A trip to Taormina


Sicily could only live on tourism, thanks to its natural resources: crystal clear sea in which to dive for a refreshing swim in the hot days of summer, the volcano Etna where you can spend a day of hiking while admiring a unique lunar landscape, and even lakes, natural reserves. If we add to these the monuments that enrich the Sicilian cities, we deduce that a holiday in Sicily combines nature and culture. This is what is found in the beautiful and equally famous Taormina, destination of thousands of tourists who do not give up spending their summer holidays in this magical place!

Why “Taormina”?

Have you ever wondered where the name “Taormina” comes from? It is known that the original name was Tauromenium, which means “home on Mount Taurus“, the mountain on which the city was originally built. Some historians claim that this name comes from the Sicilians, others from the Greeks. There are also several legends related to it: one gives the name to a Minotaur who founded the city, according to another legend, the city was founded by two princes of Palestine, Taurus and Mena, who also gave it the name of Tauromena. Over time the name Tauromenium was transformed into Taormina, the name we all know.

Not only sea

We have already said: Taormina is the preferred destination for many people who want to spend their holidays by the sea. But Taormina is not only sea. In Taormina you can spend a holiday full of art and culture. Let’s start with a visit to the Greek Theatre, second in Sicily only to the Greek Theatre of Syracuse for size, but also the best known in the world. Not to be missed is the view from the theatre over the Gulf of Schisò and Mount Etna! Do not miss Palazzo Corvaja and Piazza Duomo with the center of the stone fountain built in the Baroque style. Breathtaking views of the city can be enjoyed from Piazza IX Aprile, which also houses the many chic clubs in the city.

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