Acitrezza and its history


Acitrezza is a fishing village not far from Catania, overlooking the Ionian Sea in front of the Archipelago of Cyclops Islands, formed about half a million years ago as a result of intense volcanic activity and most likely originally attached to the Sicilian coast.

The archipelago is formed by:

  • Lachea Island: the largest of the archipelago is also a protected reserve and home to several species of animals;
  • Faraglione Grande;
  • Faraglione Piccolo;
  • four rocks arranged in an arc.

Surely you have had the opportunity to read the history of this village from school books: in Acitrezza is set the novel “I Malavoglia” by Giovanni Verga. Acitrezza also has a very strong link with the myth of Ulysses: it is from him that the legend that starts the story of the birth of the “faraglioni”, which capture the attention of anyone who takes a walk on the waterfront.
It narrates the myth of how Ulysses, returning to Ithaca, landed on the Island of the Cyclops and was hosted by Polyphemus. The Cyclop worked inside the volcano Etna and during the stop devoured several companions of the hero. Ulysses then to save himself made him drunk and blinded his only eye. In the grip of anger Polyphemus threw large boulders at Ulysses and his men: these stuck in the seabed creating the Faraglioni.

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