hen party

Hen party, a “modern tradition”


The Hen party is a party to say “goodbye” to the life as a single, and it’s usually organized by the witnesses of the bride a few days before the wedding. Today every respectable wedding is preceded by a hen party, but do you know its meaning and origin?

The hen party is derived from the stag party, organized for the groom, and began to become a common phenomenon only since the ’60s during the so-called sexual revolution, to achieve “success” then in the 90s. In the past, in fact, women were not allowed to participate in such celebrations because they were considered unelegant, but if we think about the party granted to men we discover a tradition that has its roots in very distant times. Some say that the origins of the stag parties are to be found in the English courts, while others find these origins in the feasts dedicated to the god Bacchus.

The stag/hen parties are also experienced differently depending on the country of origin of the couple; in Germany it is called Polterabend and is a party during which the guests use to break a vase as a sign of good luck for the couple. In France we celebrate the “funeral of the old life as a boy”, the enterrement de vie de garçon, while in England we celebrate with short trips out of town.

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