How To Fix Windows Update Error Code 0x80070012

Just ran chkdsk not knowing this would happen and spent the last two hours trying to get out of boot loop. What eventually fixed it was running chkdsk again in the cmd prompt, then running startup repair. Windows loaded and gave me the option to analyze the disk drive or click a key to exit. Afterward, restart and check the external hard drive to see if the “parameter is incorrect” error is still visible.

  • If you think how to fix error 800B0001 that you have corrupted system files that are impacting your device drivers, you can repair them by running Windows repair programs, SFC and DISM.
  • It can also be caused due to malware, some corrupt files, or if a kernel-level program runs into a problem.
  • This option allows you to check whether the file is what you are searching for before recovering it.

You might have also read about playing BSOD pranks, and public places where blue screen made an appearance. For starters, some developers might use the BSoD to get to the route of an issue they are experiencing with their Windows 10 PC that is a custom hardware build. Other times, developers might need to trigger a BSoD to test an application’s resiliency after an unexpected restart. Otherwise, it’s a fun way to prank a friend or family member. If the solutions mentioned above are not working for you, then try to reset RAM in your device. First of all, you will need to find which driver is the issue. We have often seen that outdated drivers are the main cause of many issues in the computer.

How To Fix Windows 10’s Pc

Return to the Services Manager, right-click the Windows Update service and select “Start” to restart the service. Jeff is a former Director of Global Solutions Engineering at Netwrix. He is a long-time Netwrix blogger, speaker, and presenter. In the Netwrix blog, Jeff shares lifehacks, tips and tricks that can dramatically improve your system administration experience. There are several common causes of registry errors. Some are worth worrying about, and others are not.

Use diagnostic programs carefully to ensure they don’t interrupt software processes. When your employees consistently save documents during editing and follow safe shut down procedures, they reduce the risk of business data loss from software corruption. The majority of data losses occur due to hardware malfunctions, with the primary perpetrator being the hard drive. Hard drives are the most fragile parts of computers, and around 140 thousand hard drives crash every week. Of these crashes, 60 percent are due to mechanical issues and 40 percent are a result of human misuse or mishandling, including dropping or jostling a computer or laptop. Hard drives can also be damaged if a computer overheats, typically caused by overuse or a build-up of dust in the computer.

While Windows can’t boot, you can usually force Windows to boot to a command prompt window using the Advanced Options menu screen. One of the warning signs of failed read/write heads or a head crash is that they will often show warning signs like making clicking noises when the hard drive is failing. Only skilled data recovery engineers can safely replace a failed HDD headstock and get you your recovered data. If you have a clicking hard drive on your hands, expect you have a failing hard drive and find a professional data recovery service to aid you immediately before impending failure occurs. If you’ve lost data due to a hard drive failure, you might not know where to go to or who to turn to for answers to your most pressing questions, or the help needed to recover your files. Gillware’s experts have been helping victims of hard drive failure and data loss for well over a decade now.

If you think your antivirus software has also been compromised you can download some on-demand scanners, like this one from Microsoft or this one from Dr. Web. In Windows 10, hold down the Shift key then choose Power and Restart from the Windows sign-in screen. The issue Windows 10 won’t update may be caused by the corrupted system files. So in order to solve this problem, you can run System File Checker to check and repair the corrupted system files. Therefore, applying best partition software to extend partition may be helpful. MiniTool Partition Wizard has been the choice of thousands of users.


And if you do not run any firewall or scan the incoming data for viruses, you run the risk of it slipping into the new hard drive. The most effective way to prevent business data loss is to back up all of your files and documents. Backing up data means that you have at least one additional copy of all important data.

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