Marzamemi: white beaches and clear sea


Today we take you with us to discover one of the most beautiful villages of  our island, located in the extreme south: the village of Marzamemi, a charming place that fascinates many tourists from all over the world. A beautiful fishing village that in summer becomes the destination of millions of tourists who flock to the narrow streets of the town, with white beaches and crystal clear sea.

The village

The ancient village of Marzamemi is a large pedestrian area full of shops, clubs and restaurants where you can eat excellent fresh fish. On Piazza Regina Margherita overlook the two churches dedicated to St. Francis from Paola, the patron Saint of the city. Palazzo di Villadorata is the most elegant palace in the village dedicated to the lords who once lived in Marzamemi and built in the 17th century. The two natural harbours are also characteristic: la Fossa and la Balata. The latter often hosts the summer events of the village thanks to its shape that recalls that of a small square.

The beaches

The beaches of Marzamemi are really beautiful and the sea is clear. From the town center you can reach two small islands: Isola Piccola, also known as Isola Brancati, and Isola Grande, incorporated into the port. Besides these two uncontamitaed islets there are other beaches that is impossible not to visit at least once in a lifetime: the beach of San Lorenzo, the most famous; the beach of Spinazza; the beach of Cavettone, very suitable for snorkeling lovers.


Marzamemi is easily accessible by car and public transport, but if you do not have your car and wish to reach these magnificent places, contact our partner Sicily Day By Day and organize a day of relaxation in these dream places. Or book your private charter to spend a few days in the seas of southern Sicily on board a comfortable sailboat!

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