Mid-August 2019 in Sicily


In just over 2 weeks we will be almost at the end of the summer holidays, after a few days most of the workers will return to work, waiting for the beginning of autumn with the thought of the next holidays! But we must be certainly be ready for the most expected holiday of the summer: mid-August!

Mid-August is on the 15th of August, but the youngest ones are anxiously waiting especially for the 14th, the eve, which especially in the south of Italy and even more so in Sicily is spent on the beach: bonfires and night baths, many friends together who maybe sing some songs in the moonlight, or all night spent dancing in the discos set up on the beach. And you, how will you spend your mid-August 2019?

If you are in Catania during the morning of August 14th you can watch the procession of the statue of the Madonna Assunta along the shore of the playa of Catania: a moment of great faith that takes place in fact on the beach of Catania.
There will also be dance parties organized in all the clubs on the coast. At midnight is always fascinating the show that you can admire looking up at the sky: fireworks will color the sky of Catania for a few minutes to celebrate the summer of 2019!

Throughout the island there are also many events organized for the occasion: the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady also organized in Messina, the Festival of arancino in Rosolini or the festival of fish in Pozzallo.
Many tourists take advantage of this day to take part in a tour on Mount Etna and maybe wet their feet in the cold water of the Alcantara Gorges!

But in reality for us it is not a real August if you do not spend it at sea, do not you agree? So what better occasion to take part in a sailing tour? Leaving from Catania you can visit Acitrezza with its faraglioni, or you could participate in the tour that allows you to discover Taormina with its enchanting Grotta Azzurra! What are you waiting for? Book your tour!

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