Santa Tecla a place between sea and volcano


Today we take you with us to discover a small seaside village near Acireale, where you can stop for a swim in clear blue waters: Santa Tecla.

Situated along the Riviera dei Ciclopi, it is made up of a coastline characterized by rocks and a black sandy beach reminiscent of the proximity of Mt Etna: geological studies reveal the presence of several active volcanic faults in the subsoil through which water flows from Etna down to the sea. The most important is referred to as the “Fault of Santa Tecla”. Today this village is part of a seaside resort and residential known as Riviera dei Limoni.

Monuments and feasts

In Santa Tecla you can admire the Mother Church dedicated to the patron saint and the sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima: built of lava stone whose roof is the sky. The altar is made up of a block of lava, inside  many weddings are celebrated.  There are also votive shrines dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the Saints.

In the month of August there is the feast dedicated to the patron saint: a procession of boats lit up in a festive procession on the sea and the sky brightened by fireworks.
Equally important is the Garitta di Santa Tecla. In the past, the watchtowers were built to protect a sentry and offer a wide view of the coast. The Santa Tecla watchtower is shaped like a parallelepiped with a pyramid roof and has a maximum height of 6 metres.

You can snorkel and bathe in the waters of Santa Tecla taking part in our full day tour departing from the pier of the port of Etna in Riposto towards Acitrezza. Don’t miss this opportunity!


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