Sicilian dish fishes


Today we want to make your mouths water! Anyone who comes to Sicily knows that in addition to beautiful beaches, beautiful cities and natural attractions such as Etna will have the opportunity to eat delicious dishes, especially fish! Here are the ones you must absolutely try!







1. Sarde a beccafico: rolls of sardines deprived of the central bone and head and filled with a filling made of breadcrumbs, parsley, pine nuts and sultanas. They are usually fried, but are just as tasty baked for a light version!
2. Baccalà alla ghiotta: typical dish of Messina, it is a very tasty fish main course. It is prepared with potatoes, tomato pulp and various aromas. It is not difficult to prepare but it requires a lot of time and patience!
3. Orange and herring salad: it is prepared mainly as an appetizer, perhaps accompanied by a good glass of wine.
4. Mussels salad: mussels, parsley, garlic, a little fresh tomato and a lot of black pepper! These are the ingredients for this successful dish.
5. Pasta with sardines and fennel: the famous “pasta che sardi“. It is prepared mainly from March to September, when it is easy to find fresh sardines at the market and wild fennel in the fields.




These are just a few examples: in Sicily, thanks to the presence of good fresh fish, it is easy to find fish dishes, or even find the ingredients to prepare them at home. You can take advantage of our services to enjoy a good dish of pasta with clams on board a sailboat in the moonlight, perhaps to celebrate a special occasion! Book your dinner on a sailing boat to celebrate your wedding anniversary in the most romantic and original way possible!
Alternatively you could book a gastronomic tour of Catania, to discover the culinary tradition of the city! Contact our partner Sicily Day By Day for information on prices and itinerary!

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