Sunset on Stromboli, UNESCO candidate


How many sunset took your breath away? There was one in particular that not only took the breath away but also gave a brilliant idea to a couple of boys from Calabria: candidate that sunset to be included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We are talking about the suggestive sunset on Stromboli, a volcanic island belonging to the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands. on the north of the Sicilian coast. You can understand its uniqueness only by looking at it by being there.

Sunset on Stromboli

It seems that the sun is swallowed up by the crater of Stromboli in a rather suggestive frame also for its colours. It is therefore not surprising that it was decided to nominate one of the most evocative shows that this land can offer. For this reason was born  in Calabria the Mediterranean Network, a committee of young people who want to promote this nomination to give value to this optical phenomenon. The Stromboli, called “IDDU” by those who were born and raised on this island, is a perfect combination of earth and fire, an island that destroys and saves at the same time. Stromboli is a unique island because you can see closely one of the strongest expressions of the power of nature: there are in fact many eruptive manifestations (that remind the eruptive activity of the volcano Etna).

Typical is the “sciara del fuoco”: in fact there are many night tours organized with boats to let visitors admire this show. Be careful, however, do not think to come to this island as tourists, no. Stromboli and its inhabitants will welcome you as if you were an islander too. You will feel at home because Sicilian people are just like that, welcome you with open arms.

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