Syracuse: sea and culture


Are you planning your last minute holidays and planning to go to Syracuse? You had a great idea! We will give you some advise on what you absolutely must not miss!


This is the historic centre of Syracuse, and it is an island linked to the mainland by two bridges. You can relax by taking a walk along the Alfeo seafront, which you will have reached after passing in front of the magnificent Duomo and overlooking the Aretusa Spring.
Admiring the sea and maybe after a short stop in one of the many clubs on the promenade you will arrive at the Castle of Maniace.

Ear of Dionysius

In Syracuse there are many “latomie”, stone caves used as prisons. The most famous is the “Latomia del Paradiso“, inside which there is the famous “Ear of Dionysius“. Famous because thanks to its particular shape all sounds are amplified and the tyrant Dionysius was so able to listen to the speeches of prisoners!

Sanctuary of “Madonna delle lacrime”

It is a very tall church with a particular shape that resembles almost that of a tear. It is dedicated to the Virgin and to an event concerning the tearing of a plaster painting of the Virgin, an event that was defined as “inexplicable” by an expert commission. Also for this reason the church is every year a destination for pilgrims from all over the world.

Temple of Apollo

It is the oldest Doric temple in Sicily that over the centuries has undergone several transformations: from Byzantine church to Arab mosque, to become a Norman church and even a Spanish barracks!

If you are in Syracuse, even if only for a day, you can not go to one of its beautiful beaches: from the beach Arenella to the beach of Calamosche, just to give an example. You can also request a transfer service to reach Syracuse comfortably, maybe accompanied by a local guide or booking a private charter you can reach it from the sea!

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